Terms of Use

Online store Vzhe-Vzhe, onwards called «Seller» offers any natural or juridical person onwards called “Customer” makes an order and buys goods photos of which are on-site vzhe-vzhe.com, onwards Site.

If a customer makes an order on site vzhe-vzhe.com, the customer confirms voluntarily mentioned below statements:


1.1. This agreement is a public proposition and doesn’t need to be signatured. The agreement public proposition has the same juridical force as like agreement signatured on paper.

1.2. The Seller makes retail and wholesale selling of goods.

1.3. On the framework of this agreement is defined design (image of good appropriate marking of good).

1.4. The Seller has the right to make changes to this agreement without previous notification of Customer.


2.1. For making an order the Customer necessary to make a reservation on site. The customer makes registration on desire.

2.2. The Customer makes an order of goods according to catalogue internet-shop leosouvenir.com.ua and sends it for the Seller.

2.3. In case, the Customer has got questions according to characteristics of goods, the Customer can ask in any suitable ways before making an order.

2.4. The Customer must indicate in order name, surname, tel.number included with area code and full address of delivery and also coordinates with Seller appropriate time and day of delivery.

2.5. The Customer is obligated to meet the Seller’s messenger indefinite time and on the definite address of delivery.

2.6. Customers has right to refuse from delivered goods. If the Customer refuses, he pays completely for all costs of carriage to the city of Customer and returning to the city of Seller according to fare messenger’s service.


3.1. The Seller informs the Customer about taking order on telephone or email, coordinates additional characteristics, complements of goods and their price.

3.2. The Seller obligates to deliver goods according to the order in number, price and defined terms which are coordinated with Customer.

3.3. The Seller guarantees accordance with external appearance ordered goods with their examples in the catalogue. The weight of goods can differ in the smaller or bigger side because every good is unique.

3.4 The Seller guarantees accordance quality of goods with Ukrainian standards, which are used for goods.

3.5. The Seller doesn’t take responsibility for information that the clients give in registration.


4.1. Delivery makes through the territory of Ukraine.

4.2. The Seller makes all effort for a term of delivery which is defined with the Customer. However, delays in delivery are possible under the circumstances which don’t depend on Seller.


5.1. The exact price of a good is defined in a catalogue of internet-shop leosouvenir.com.ua

5.2. The price of goods can change by Seller one-way. But the price of goods which the Customer has already ordered can’t change.


6.1. The customer can’t return proper goods which are included in the list of manufactured goods, which can return or change, confirmed by resolution of the government of Ukraine.

6 If goods have faults, the Customer must inform the Seller for 14 days from the delivery of the order. For confirmation fault, the good gives the Seller for examination. If fault confirms the Seller will return the full price of a good, including the cost of delivery. After 14 days from delivery, claims don’t take.

6.3. Delivery goods to the Seller for guaranteed repair makes by the Customer.